Three Wise Men
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Three Wise Men by Lou Bavou

The answers to those profound questions about the Universe, Time, the Origin of Life and are we alone or not? Synopsis Most science books are hard work! So, this is a fact book with a fictional twist. It sets out to make science and religion more understandable and enjoyable to read, plus hopefully pose a few thought provoking insights along the way. It’s a novel way of explaining the science behind those profound questions we ponder on occasionally: What are the origins of the Universe and life? Are we alone in the Universe? When did Time begin? Does God exist? Is there an afterlife? To make the science, which explores questions, more palatable, the scientific facts are presented as a dialogue between three fictional friends, who give factual commentaries on the above questions with a little humor added into the mix. The narrative is set mainly in a Manhattan bar where the three friends meet every Friday after work. As a change of scenery, the friends also spend weekends at a hunting lodge. The diverse social background of the three main characters; an investment banker with a scientific background, a pious Catholic of Irish descent and a down-to-earth Italian plumber, together with the insights given by the female proprietor of the bar, allows for a balance of views and opinions: from academic, religious and pragmatic perspectives on life. Each chapter covers one of these profound questions, starting with the existence of God which naturally leads on to the reasons why people are religious. Having challenged the rationale behind religion, the book then counterbalances this with chapters on the origin, size and the end of the Universe. This then leads onto discussions on the link between space and time. The natural progression from the Universe and time leads onto a chapter on the origin of life including the possibility of life elsewhere. Finally, there’s a historical perspective on death and burials.
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