Time of the Gods: After dark times
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     Earth's civilization was practically destroyed. Ruthless aliens burned cities and killed billions. But when there was no hope left, the Gods intervened. They destroyed the invaders and gave people monstrous spaceships that terrify the galaxy.

     Centuries have passed - the fury of mankind is gone. Now we are just one of several hundred races that make up the galactic council. Nest of toads, vipers and scorpions. And we are still surrounded by those who remember the bloody campaign of mankind to the stars and hate the "savages". And people will have to try not to become a victim of their endless intrigues and take their rightful place among the vast universe.
     You are waiting for adventure, battles, humor and, of course, people. Those who are at the head of the new humanity. But will you like them? After all, no one promised that we have changed for the better.

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