Understanding and Improving Your Relationship With Food and Exercise: How to Implement Small Habits to Improve Your Diet and Exercise
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This book was written with three goals in mind. Firstly, to help you understand the different food groups such as proteins or carbohydrates, how the body uses them, and both the positive and negative effects they can have. Secondly, how important the role of exercise is in a healthy lifestyle and why it is needed, as well as the drawbacks if it is ignored. Lastly, the role of habits is explained and how anyone can make small changes and see huge results over time.
As food is so important for us all, and because it can be the number one factor in an unhealthy lifestyle, it is vital that we educate ourselves on the basics. This book talks you through each of the food groups and how they interact with your body, including the functions that each facilitate.
Exercise is a lot more than just burning calories. The benefits go far beyond losing weight as exercise helps with mental health in terms of confidence, stress reduction and depression. Exercise can give you a feel good factor that is hard to replicate elsewhere. It is also a big factor in a healthy sleeping routine, which is very beneficial both physically and mentally.
Habits are a huge part of success. The top companies in the world employ habit experts to help their employees improve both efficiency and the quality of work. This can also be true for individuals. Implementing very small changes to your lifestyle, and repeating these can have a very positive compound effect on your health, which cannot be understated. This book describes how to introduce these habits into your day-to-day life, and will help you improve your relationship with both food and exercise.

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