What They Choose
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What They Choose by Cora Baker

People die. So many illusions crumbled when death touched Eleanore Wright. She ran away from the ruins of one life toward the ruins of another. When she discovered that her husband and grandmother both died on the same day, maybe the same hour, a series of events were set in motion that would change her life forever. Nothing in the world was what it seemed. She didn’t believe in haunted houses or second chances. She ran to a place from her past and found a stranger there, with scars, a hammer in hand, and stains on his boots. Will she find peace within the house’s peeling paint, dusty rooms, and mysterious sounds? Maybe if the glowing eyes stay among the overgrown tombstones. Death has followed her, waited for her, and watched her from shadows and secret passages. Eleanore Wright soon discovered that she inherited more than just a house and a place to rest. But was she really sleeping?
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