When We Remembered Everything: A Child’s Understanding of Alzheimer’s Disease
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Princess Alison lives in a magical Garden, overseen by the Queen of the Fairies. Even though the witch and her wolves prowl the darkened corners of this place, they shrink into the shadows whenever the Queen is in their midst. She is the keeper of all magic and Alison’s light of safety as she copes with severe separation anxiety when her single mother is away at work. 

The Queen also answers to Grandma.

Together, the two have tea with the fairies, make apple pies or send letters to the gnomes. They also paint and read, and Alison soon learns how to soothe her sadness through art and that books can feel a lot like love when you’re missing someone. The Queen is a mighty yet gentle force who breathes power into the little princess’s timid soul. 

But something strange is happening in the Garden. Ominous clouds have chased away the fairy folk, and the witch has stopped hiding in the shadows. She’s more bold than ever now.

Day by day, the witch pours darkness into the Queen’s mind until she no longer remembers Alison’s name, let alone any of the precious memories they share. It’s as though none of it ever existed—like Alison herself never existed…

The witch is exacting her revenge on the princess in the worst way possible: destroying the Queen of the Fairies piece by piece. 

As the final walls of the magical Garden crumble, Alison must learn how to keep the light of safety lit for everyone in her kingdom, while honoring a great Queen who can no longer hold the torch. 

In a story that will appeal to “Bridge to Terabithia” fans, “When We Remembered Everything” is a child’s perspective of losing a loved one to Alzheimer’s disease and the journey to reclaiming memories of being loved beyond measure. 

Even after being forgotten.

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