Whisper County
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Whisper County by Teresa Nelson


On July 4th, 1970, Gus Olson was as happy as he could be with the beautiful waitress Annabelle as his date. As they watched the home-town parade, something went terribly wrong, and in a matter of three days, Gus finds himself sitting in a jail cell wondering if he'll ever see the light of day. The town of Souls River are in an uproar with most folks believing he is indeed a ruthless killer and deserves a life behind bars. A worn-out lawyer takes his final case and determines that come hell or high water, Gus is not going to spend his life behind bars. The regular customers of Stella's Bakery and Cafe are instrumental in sharing the daily gossip regarding the whole situation. And since most of them don't know the difference between truth and lies, it all becomes truth.  In the meantime, a lovestruck college student and a handsome cowboy create concern with a whirlwind romance that takes off like a rocket in the wrong direction and people know more than they're willing to say. The people of faith pray, and law enforcement personnel hold their breath as the jury debates circumstantial evidence and determines Gus's guilt or innocence.  

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