Winning Marketing Strategy: 7 Steps to Skyrocket Your Business
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Resit Gulec, a success-proven 10-figure exit entrepreneur, is going through a 7-step framework to skyrocket any business. Boost revenue and profit by targeting the right segments, designing effective go-to-market strategies, and building high-value brands. Align your marketing and promotion efforts with business strategy to maximize Return on Investment. Fundamentals of Marketing - Explore the influences that affect customer purchases. Identify the bricks of a successful marketing strategy. Step 1 - Develop Marketing Strategy The first step to skyrocketing your business is developing winning marketing strategies. In this section of the book, you will go through the key elements of marketing strategy, marketing mix, and 4P’s of marketing. Then you will see the supply-demand balance, 4S web-marketing mix, and market sizing. Generate your unique marketing strategy to secure the desired corner in the marketplace. Step 2 - Segment Your Target Audience: Market Segmentation The second step to rocket your business is segmenting your market. In this section, you will see empathy mapping, market segmentation, and the STP marketing model which helps to categorize the target audience into different groups, so effective marketing strategies can be created for each group. Explore the marketplace to find the most profitable segment for your business. Develop user personas for your domain to target your customers effectively. Step 3 - Launch Product/Service The third step to rocket your business is launching products or services. You will go through the product lifecycle, content marketing, and product diffusion curve in this section. Content is king in today's marketing world. Learn how to develop engaging content for your audience. Step 4 - Manage Customer Engagement & Journey The fourth step to skyrocketing your business is managing customer engagement and journey. In this section, you will learn the sales funnel, customer journey maps, business ethnography, and designing future-state customer journeys. Each organization has its unique sales funnel on the way from customer acquisition to loyal customers. Improve your sales skills to excel in your sales and marketing process. Step 5 - Build & Grow Reputable Brands The fifth step to rocket your business is building and growing reputable brands. In this section, you will go through perceptual mapping, the brand pyramid, Kapferer's Brand Identity Prism, and how to build a positive corporate brand reputation. Step 6 - Target the Right Audience In the 6th step, you will learn how to target the right audience using focus groups, the marketing research mix, developing personas, and the Ansoff matrix. Step 7 - Grow, Grow, Grow - Skyrocket Your Business In the last step, you will go through customer intimacy, Keller’s Brand Equity Model, the buy-sell hierarchy, and the net promoter score. Rome was not built in one day. You will learn the steps to create a strong and reputable brand. Are you an entrepreneur, sm
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