You’re the Boss Make Running Work for You
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Running is more than a sport – it’s the art of growing resilient and winning the inner battles. If you know the whys and hows of running, are keeping yourself well-fed and hydrated, and have the support of a mentor, then nobody can stop you from finding fulfillment in and beyond running. This actionable guidebook is armed with effective and practical strategies that will dissolve all your training and nutrition-related worries and transform you into the runner you didn’t even know you could be by unlocking your inner power as a confident runner. Inside this detailed guide, you’ll discover: - Incredibly powerful tips to help you get started with running, even if you are totally new to the sport - An insightful tour of running – explore the types of running, correct posture, speed, and more - A beginners training plan – plus clever tips on how to tune up the benefits of running - A prescription to healthy eating and nutrition – know what, when, and how much to eat on the run… and what to avoid - Insights on hydration to help you feel energized and relaxed before, during, and after running - Pro-recommended and scientifically backed tips to ensure proper rest and recovery - Relatable accounts of resilient men and women that will inspire you to hit the pavement right away - Techniques and strategies to help you overcome your fears and build a winning mindset - Not only setting goals but following through and achieving them with a smiling stride And so much more! Whether you dream of breaking the world record or simply setting new records for yourself on the treadmill or in nature, this coaching guide has got you covered. It’s time to tie your shoelaces and go for a run! Boost your physical, mental and spiritual strength with a holistic approach to improve your running.
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