comfort zoneDo you have a dream? Do you consider yourself an entrepreneur? Are you working in circles and getting nowhere, especially with everything going on in the world today?

You are not alone.

Writer Emily Horabik was no different. She was struggling to break out of her comfort zone when she met her friend for lunch one day. He was with his mentor Mr. Brown, and that day everything changed, as Mr. Brown began to share his real life experiences from over 4 decades of successful selling as an entrepreneur.

Comfort Zone Correction: Unfiltered True Stories In Successful Selling recounts over 25 encounters, thought processes, and strategies that will teach you how to draw attention, win customers, and create growth in any industry or career. Look at this new normal we are living in from a solution driven perspective and the Wrap-Up Lessons at the end of every chapter will soon become your sales secrets.

Learn from chapters such as:

Please Allow Me To – Grow with an insatiable appetite to sell anything to anybody.
I Feel Ya Brotha’ – Think outside of the text book box to foresee failure and beat it.
Harness the Power of Fear – Learn that fear can be a great motivator and valuable tool.

These lessons are applicable to any of life’s situations, not just entrepreneurship. The goal of this book is to motivate you, and reignite that fire and drive inside of you so that you can reach a new level of excellence.

Let this be your wake-up call to recollect your passion, potential, or dream and go after them.

Success is always possible, even if you have failed previously. This book is proof of that.

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