In South America, Zeph Wheeler discovers an intricate web of corruption and power.

Digitus, on the surface they are philanthropists, offering aide to a starving world; beneath that surface, Digitus pulls the string, and their slaves dance.

Zeph is re-united with his mentor, River, and together they race against time to save Zeph’s brother.

The threat of exposure escalates, and the imminent danger of an EMP looms overhead. Zeph and River race to get the Alliance portal system re-established to avoid a dystopian future.

See what readers are saying about the Digitus Series:

“It’s a great series and so relevant to the times. It will blow you away especially since much of it was written before 2020 happened ~ Dianne Gardner – author of Ian’s Realm

With the news of this week/month/year so far … terrifying and on point. Relatable. A book truly relevant for today’s world ~ Joyce Slaughter – Owner of Mosaic Starfish, LLC

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