It was a time when every life was at risk, and we became one in purpose, in hope, in unity, in struggle, and indifference blurred away. It didn’t matter if you were male or female, rich or poor, Black or white, tattooed or not, bold or hairy, obese or skinny.

It was a participation for all, of all, and the only thing that mattered was survival. To this generation, we have never felt any adversary to the magnitude such as the ones we’ve read in our historical books. This is an eye opener for us.

The raw truth is that the pandemic awkwardly feels like the greatest gift to the human race in this modern age of reality—where we have lost the lens of morality due to the endless sense of modern legality.

Without a doubt, the pandemic had a dynamic effect without exception on humanity. It Was a Time When is a wonderful collection of poetry that thoroughly described the struggles the world faced throughout this pandemic.

The book traveled like a rollercoaster of emotions touching on many experiences ranging from confusion, despair, happiness, and sadness. Despite the clear darkness the collection discussed, it displayed the core to keeping our society moving—hope.

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