Georgina and Christopher are best friends, who play for the school football team. Life is never dull at Heron Lane Primary with their teachers, the fleet- footed Mr. Taylor and prim and proper Mrs. Lovelace. At the weekend practising football skills at grandma’s house all doesn’t go according to plan. Not really surprising, as Tammy the Golden Retriever insists on joining in. Reluctantly, they visit Mr. Marsh, the unusual next- door neighbour. They make a surprising discovery which means WPC Bolton has to investigate. A return journey to Barking leads to a secret chase across London and the rescue of mysterious Max. The two friends are caught out and have to escape to The New Forest. Not to worry, Carlotta and Bonzo will be at home ready to welcome the three villains. Who is Max? Will grandma keep up? Will Christopher and Georgina see their classmates again?

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