perfectly pickledis here and things are looking up! Our intrepid hero, Mina, has a new car. Well–it’s new to her. And she even has a boyfriend or two lined up. But that’s because her BFF, Trixie, signed her up on behind her back. Some prospective dates appear a bit odd, but never mind; it’s good to make new friends, right?

All hope of smooth sailing vanishes when Mina hits another bump in the road: she loses her part-time job. And Chef Jack hasn’t been scheduling her at Squirrel Run Acres lately, and her catering for James’ massage gigs are replaced by a new, full-time (and gorgeous) assistant. WTH?

The grim mortgage reaper looms, when suddenly Mina’s solvency is rescued as she stumbles upon a full-time job. A rather peculiar job, with some definitely peculiar co-workers. Who try to kill her–and Chef Jack.

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