Deadwood, 1876: a notorious little mining town in modern-day South Dakota that was a hive of criminal activity. Thieves, drunkards, prostitutes, and murderers ran rampant among its booming streets. There were over 300 murders in this town during the first year of its existence.

When Wild Bill Hickok was brutally shot and killed at point-blank range in the back of the head, it was obvious that someone had to rise up and save the town of Deadwood from itself. Someone with nerves of steel and a keen sense of justice. Someone like Seth Bullock.

This Canadian-born legend has been immortalized in television and film as the steely-eyed sheriff who brought Deadwood to its knees without killing a single person in an era of bloody frontier justice, but there is far more to Bullock than just his short career in Deadwood. He was a businessman, sheriff, US marshal, soldier, husband, friend, and survivor. Seth Bullock is truly the stuff of legend, but his story is entirely true.

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