If your life is overshadowed by an insidious, ever-present darkness, then perhaps, if you’re lucky, your defences will become stronger and you’ll learn how to survive the worst days. Mattie Hayes lives her life with such a darkness, but she has learnt to cope, with a little help from her friends. Or to be precise, one friend – her only friend, Lucy, who came to her rescue in their school days and has been coming to her rescue ever since. But when, on one of her increasingly rarer visits, Lucy asks Mattie if she could stay with her for longer, Mattie’s instincts tell her that something is wrong. And then there are Mattie’s dreams. Dreams that take her to a beautiful place, to a young woman called Sarah, and to a past that may hold the answer, not only to the shadows that pursue her, but also to the real reason behind her enduring friendship with Lucy.

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