Two captivating manuscripts in one book:

The Hellenistic Age: A Captivating Guide to an Era of Mediterranean History That Took Place Between the Death of Alexander the Great and the Rise of the Roman Empire

Alexander the Great: A Captivating Guide to the King Who Conquered the Persian Empire and Babylon, Including His Impact on Ancient Greece and Rome

The alienation of the people from the government and society itself can be seen as a result of the Hellenistic transformation.

It can also be seen within the art of the period. Scholars, artists, and philosophers began rejecting the collective ideals, and instead, they focused on the cult of the individual. Sculptures were no longer that of gods and ideals but of individuals, and philosophers cultivated the ideas of individual happiness and pleasure.

Religious cults, such as the cult of Isis, formed around the same concepts, claiming to offer the secret of immortality and prosperity to those who sought it for themselves.

The Hellenistic age brought a great deal of change in the ancient world. However, the era was destined to end in 31 BCE with the Battle of Actium.

Octavian’s Roman forces defeated Mark Antony’s and Cleopatra’s Ptolemaic fleet, thus securing the rise of the Roman Empire.

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