weve let her know 196x300 1A romantic comedy and feel-good novel about finding and falling in love, and the complexity of relationships. ♥


Lyam is about to be relocated to big city London and fears loneliness the most. But there is online dating, and in a mere ten-kilometre radius from where he will live, an app promises no less than nine-hundred and twenty-eight potential remedies.

Even before he gets on a plane, Lyam swipes right for Anna and is convinced that he has found ‘the one’.

Yeah right! What a flipping joke!

Flanked by two friends, Brett and Richard, Lyam plunges into the world of online dating. By the time he has optimised the app’s response rate, Celine, gorgeously French, enters his life… but so does Caitlin.


♥ ‘We’ve Let Her Know’ is a feel-good tale of ‘finding love in an overcrowded city on overcrowded dating sites. It is a charming love story, with humour at times touching on hilarious.

♥♥ ‘We’ve Let Her Know’ is a chick lit and bloke lit witty love story that flirts with questions as: ‘why do we fall out of love?’, ‘is it better to settle or to keep searching for the one?’, and ‘does fate play a role?’

♥♥♥ While there are many exciting developments and a wonderful twist, ‘We’ve Let Her Know’ shows that men have emotions too…

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