Stuart Jones is a championship-winning race driver and a qualified international race driver coach. Whilst still at school he was singled out for his writing.

A number of his young scribblings found writing competition success. All assumed that his writing would continue after he left school. At 52 years of age, he picked up the pen again. A life of traveling the world, driving race car exotica and mixing with the fascinating people that populate the glamorous motorsport industry has provided him with fertile material that demanded that he should recommence his long-dormant writing.

Stuart has worked extensively in the broadcasting industry, including the BBC as motoring correspondent and as driving expert for various car shows. In forming the main character, Stirling Speed, Stuart has brought the male hero character up to date and smashed the James Bond womanising, heavy drinking stereo type. His female characters are empowered, strong and take the lead in his story lines.

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