Yabadabadoit is aimed at anyone who has lacked confidence and would like to learn how to become more confident in order to achieve their goals. It’s is widely accepted that the human brain is wired to keep us safe. This is inherent from pre-historic times when there was real and present danger every time you stepped outside of your comfort zone (or your cave, as the case may have been all those years ago).

As humanity has evolved, such dangers have too and whilst new dangers have surfaced, others are no longer present, but do we still act as though they are? For many of us, our brains, thoughts, feelings and actions, particularly reactions, are still in protective mode, still working hard to keep us safe and warning us at every juncture to get back in our comfort zone quick! But is your comfort zone really the best place to stay? If you have ever regretted not speaking up, not going for what you wanted or not putting yourself forward then Yabadabadoit could be the answer. It offers a simple strategy to overcome doubt and strut out of your cave.

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