30 Amazing things to do in Puerto Rico: Pocket Guide to your Dream Vacation with activities from FREE to $20
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A pocket travel guide for vacationers on a budget who don’t wish to compromise the adventure, relaxation, or enchantment of a trip to beautiful Puerto Rico.

Avoid expensive tourist traps and discover authentic Puerto Rico on a budget!

30 Amazing Things to Do in Puerto Rico is an easy-to-navigate guide for planning your vacation to the Island of Enchantment. Explore beautiful and exciting locations with activities twenty dollars or under—including some that are completely free. Venture into a new flavor-packed world of adventure with suggestions on which dishes to try, and you can build a magical vacation that suits your unique tastes from start to finish. From cultural gems to natural landmarks, you can confidently create amazing memories without the worry of financing your trip.

What are you waiting for? Keep Puerto Rico’s most incredible hidden gems right in your pocket and start your dream vacation today!

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