A Damsel for the Duke

A Damsel for the Duke by Emily Higgs

In the glittering ballrooms of Regency London, whispers of romance swirl amidst the aristocracy as the most coveted bachelor of the ton, Lord Percival Alden Whitworth, prepares to take a bride. Heir to the illustrious dukedom of Whitworth and esteemed friend of the Crown Prince, Lord Percival's impending nuptials have set high society ablaze with anticipation. But amidst the fervor of matchmaking mamas and ambitious debutantes, a shadow lurks, threatening to shatter the dreams of love and happiness. Amidst the glitz and glamour of the ton, Penelope Hawthorne stands as a stark reminder of one unspeakable truth - a truth that shook the entire aristocratic society. As the Gazette eagerly anticipates the union of Lord Percival and his chosen lady, the question remains: will duty and honor prevail, or will the specter of past indiscretions tear asunder the chance for a true and lasting love? In a world where reputation is everything and secrets lie beneath every silken surface, one duty and one sin may indeed keep apart two souls from their happy ending. Will Lord Percival and his bride-to-be be able to overcome the shadows of their past and find true love, or will society's expectations tear them apart? Find out in "A Damsel for the Duke," a captivating tale of love, scandal, and redemption.
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