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Governess In Love by Jane Barry

Date: 09/12/2023
Charlotte Blythe is a gifted young governess, but when falsely accused and disgraced she is forced to take a position in the house of broken and brooding politician, Thomas Mallory. Can Charlotte and Thomas find...
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Chambermaid In Love by Elizabeth Lovett-Bell

Date: 08/21/2023
Florence Watson and her unborn baby are destined for the workhouse when she is rescued by the mysterious Edwin Thackeray. But why has Edwin rescued her and what does he have in mind? Florence begins...
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Date: 08/19/2023
Twice, I chose to leave you. Twice, I broke your heart. In the next life, please break mine instead. ~ 2nd runner-up of Neovel's Stronger Together Contest ~ When warriors from hostile neighbouring nations kidnap...
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Date: 07/29/2023
British Marine LIANA MARGIVA #book, #books, #amazonbooks, #lovestory, #eBook, #kindlybook, #novel, #storybook, #amazonlovebook, #amazon, #histroybooks You are my life, my heart, my soul, You opened the door of my heart. You have come into...
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Date: 06/10/2023
Barclay Crawford was never meant to be chief of his Highland clan, but when his father dies, he has no choice but to abandon his studies in Edinburgh and come back home. What he finds...
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One Arabian Night by Suzie Quint

Date: 05/05/2023
There are a thousand and one reasons why there can be no future for a palace eunuch and a harem-bound concubine, but as Murad knows all too well, the heart wants what the heart wants,...

A Second Wedding Night by Emilie Jacobsen

Date: 04/16/2023
My marriage was perfect – until my wedding nightMillie is a timid and young lady betrothed to Charles, the duke of Camborne. Her life seems perfect until her mother reveals to her, that what will...
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Selkie by Sydney Winward

Date: 03/15/2023
No one has ever managed to capture a selkie. Until now…On their wedding day, Klaus Lovik’s bride is stolen by an enemy chieftain. He will travel to the ends of the earth to find her,...
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When We Meet Again by Carla Kelly

Date: 12/21/2022
If you must fight a war, make it good one, so you can entertain admiring children and grandchildren years in the future.What if your World War II stories are nothing more glamorous than an aircraft...
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Resistance Book 1 Liberty by Eilidh McGinness

Date: 11/01/2022
Awarded a gold medal by the International Review of Books, Resistance Book 1 Liberty is the first book in a gripping and heart-breaking trilogy set in South-West France during the Occupation in World War 2
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