A Dance of Wind and Shadows

A Dance of Wind and Shadows by Joshua Abraham

Sariel Asheram - Fae commanding general of The Haven: the ruling religious and political authority of the country of Keralis - finds himself in an impossible predicament. For many years, he has led the righteous armies and, with the help of his best friend and second-in-command Aquiel, spread the word of The Haven by sundering its enemies beneath both his blade and his powerful magic. Not to mention the white-hot flame of their loyal dragons. Unsure of the entirety of his own past, there was one thing he always knew to be true from his upbringing within The Haven; that guiding people under the light and protection of The Haven ultimately meant saving more lives in the end. No matter the blood shed to do it. But one fateful day and one terrible command by the Haven's ever-faithful leaders prove beyond any doubt that he and everyone in The Haven have been lied to. Sariel knows he cannot stand for it, unless it is to stand against the very Fae who raised him, and in so doing, he delves beyond his own vast reservoir of magical power and into what The Haven has always deemed an unholy, dark art. It's up to Sariel, his found family, and the beautiful but deadly Aarya - who may do her best to end him at any given opportunity for The Haven's crimes against her people - to not only extricate truth from lie, but to fight back against the tyranny that he himself once led. Follow Sariel as he undertakes the greatest challenges imaginable - discovering the true source of magic in the world, uncovering The Haven's twisted web of dangerous and nefarious lies, and recovering his own true self among the wreckage of the indoctrination and violence hefted upon him since childhood. The fate of the entire world of the Fae - and all life in all other worlds - may depend on it. A vibrant and diverse cast of characters, and a sweeping epic journey of redemption, true friendship and love, star-rattling action, and the power of knowing oneself... A Dance of Wind and Shadows will thrill fans of Fourth Wing, Throne of Glass, and A Song of Ice and Fire alike.
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