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Date: 05/12/2023
Leon was an ordinary boy with everyday life until a fateful day. From that day on his entire life, his entire reality changed. However, this also was the change he always wished for. Taking the...
Date: 05/10/2023
Harvey fell asleep as a successful surgeon and awoke as a baby in a strange world with magic. He’d been color-blind before, but now he Is straight-up blind. Jorde has enjoyed peace for hundreds of...
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Death of the Grinderfish by Douglas R. Brown

Date: 05/10/2023
The air is lethal in Altenbyrne.There is no escaping the poisonous fog within the kingdom’s walls. The river is infested with deadly grinderfish, and creatures beyond the walls prey on those who venture out. Without...
Date: 05/08/2023
Ronin, Lillian, Sara and James have to work very hard to fight off the forces of The Darkness. They are considered the Children of The Light and they have very special abilities that help them...
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Date: 05/06/2023
Are you looking for a delightful and captivating bedtime storybook for your little ones? If so, then "Nighty Night Forest Friends: A Collection of Bedtime Stories from the Forest" is the perfect choice for you! Your...
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Adventures in Candyland by Lucas Crossland

Date: 05/05/2023
"Adventures in Candyland" is a magical and fun-filled children's book that takes readers on a delicious journey through a land made entirely of candy. Follow the adventures of three friends, Lily, Max, and Sammy, as...
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Awkward Phrasing by Marcel Du Plessis

Date: 05/01/2023
In this introduction, Mr. Balding and (the newest recruit) Ms. Print take you on a tour of the strange world of the Bright Report. Welcome to a place where nothing is as it seems -...
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Date: 04/24/2023
New Synopsis for The Speaker Trilogy Book 1 The Persuader The Speaker Trilogy Book 1 The Persuader Synopsis. Soon after the Universe was created there was the End Time Scrolls. These Scrolls prophesied that there...
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Date: 04/23/2023
In 1981 five-year-old Dan Mitchell began experiencing strange night time encounters with an androgyne being that called itself the Tooth Fairy. The slender entity, having large eyes and wearing strange clothing, did not speak audibly...
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Date: 04/22/2023
"Fae were supremely powerful beings, vessels for the most potent magic. It was why they were the self-appointed guardians of the Immortal Realm. Because they were the only beings powerful enough to keep all the...
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