A Dish Best Served Cold
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A Dish Best Served Cold by Stephen Knight


Based on a true story, Stephen Bishop has had to grow up from an early age. He has had to endure the death of his brother, father, and mother by the age of twenty.
When his brother is killed, Stephen's father starts to blame himself and nine years later takes his own life.
Not having a father around at the age of twelve, Stephen is bullied and ridiculed at School. He struggles with life from the start. Then at age 14, he receives unwanted attention from a schoolteacher and is sexually assaulted. He doubts his own sexuality. He falls in love. He gets outed to his family.
He tries to please everyone in his life, marrying a girl at the age of twenty-one and having a child. But Stephen knows he is gay.
Things begin to snap in his head. Stephen Bishop has had enough. What follows is a violent storm of revenge. The Police are trying to track Stephen down but are always one step behind.
Revenge is a dish best served cold. The longer you wait, the colder it gets.
A sad story of how life treats its own.

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