Genres : Long Novel - 320-650 Pages

Date: 01/30/2023
When Rome transgresses upon his father's domain that lays between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, Pacorus, a prince of the Parthian Empire, is sent to exact revenge. After a string of victories Pacorus and his...
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Date: 01/29/2023
Ancient evils stir. Deals must be brokered. But who can be trusted?On the fringes of civilization, the town of Sanctuary embarks on a mission to legitimize its existence and that of its half-breed inhabitants.Tasked with...
Date: 01/29/2023
What happens when Jennifer Longo arrives at a small town where children are mysteriously disappearing?An anonymous cryptic link on The Longo Files website results in newly graduated investigative reporter, Jennifer Longo travelling to a small country town to...
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Thinner Leaner Stronger by Michael Matthews

Date: 01/28/2023
The International Bestselling Fitness Book for WomenIs this a workout book that can give you a toned “Hollywood babe body” in 30 days flat?No.Is it a bodybuilding book full of diet and exercise “hacks” for...
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Date: 01/26/2023
Sergeant Malcolm Hobbs and his Atlanta Homicide Unit, The X-Men, must rescue a kidnap victim and deter a ruthless group of sinister criminals ready to execute a plan of chilling proportions.
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The Paris Soulmate by Brooke Gilbert

Date: 01/22/2023
A woman with autoimmune disorders & a "no dating policy." A mysterious, cocky British stranger. A dream trip to Paris. What could go wrong? Reeling from the reality of turning 30 soon, Christine decides to take...
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Date: 01/22/2023
When Gavin finds himself in a hospital with no memory of how he got there, he soon finds himself being escorted into an RPG psychotherapeutic marvel to heal his immuno-compromised body as well as to...
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Kane’s Storm by Sammi Mason

Date: 01/20/2023
A dark elf ravaged by regret. A glamorous woman with a turbulent past. A second chance at love...if they dare. By day, dark elf Kane is devoted to his young daughter and people. By night, his dreams...
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Take Me Home by H.R. Lloyd

Date: 01/20/2023
Hayleigh married New York royalty, Saxon Van der Meer over a decade ago after a whirlwind romance and passionate love affair.To the world, she has it all, the perfect husband, the stylish penthouse and a...
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Stoke is no Joke by Rian Greeff

Date: 01/20/2023
“What is stoke?” he asked.“It’s kind of like love,” I said, “only harder to define…”Riaan is a young art teacher who hates his job.He’s sick of all the silly rules and school politics. He dreams...