All the Way
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All the Way by Andy Matthews


All the Way: Deny an Innocent Man his Freedom and you Unleash an Outlaw…

  • After surviving nine gruelling years behind bars, Danny King is consumed by a single obsession: Who framed him and why?
  • In his relentless quest for revenge, Danny’s plunged into the seedy world of 1960s gangland London. A shadowy netherworld of vendettas, vice, and rampant police corruption.
  • A chance encounter, in the beating heart of Jimmy Pearce's London porn empire between Danny and a beautiful fugitive from the Paris Revolt, triggers an unlikely romance.
  • Sorbonne educated Emma is concealing a secret—It’s not just the Sûreté she’s running from, but a merciless enemy with all-embracing tentacles.

A suspenseful, noir, thriller that will grip you until the final page…

  • From the dark interior of Her Majesty's Prisons, through the pulsating energy of Soho's sleazy, neon streets, to the smoky haze of West London’s clandestine clubs. Discover the sinister forces that conspired to falsely imprison Danny. And why Emma fled the barricades of Paris concealing a deadly secret that could destroy their newfound love.
  • As they dig deeper into the city’s shadowland, they'll uncover a treacherous maze of crime and deception, until they finally decide that the only way out is to go—All the Way.
For fans of gritty, hard-boiled urban crime thrillers who enjoy the lure of romance, "All the Way" is a must-read. If you love John Grisham? Jessie Keane?  Then, don't miss out on All the Way a gripping tale of secrets, love, and revenge, rooted in the mysterious, twilight underbelly of 1960s London
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