An Insider’s Guide to Authentic Kyoto for Foodies
So you’re going to Kyoto. You’re a foodie and want to explore authentic Kyoto cuisine that you won’t find anywhere else. Where to go? This Guide is about gourmet food, drink, and things related to gastronomy: from fine dining to favourite classics, ingredients, and utensils. It is not for everyone. It was curated specifically for foodies. The original version was written for a foodie couple who chose Kyoto as their first visit to Japan. One was a professional cook. Both are well travelled and appreciate quality in gastronomy. Compiling a curated guide for people who understand the subject can be both easy and daunting. Easy because they will appreciate it, daunting because they cannot be hoodwinked with random tripe – no pun intended. To bring more focus to the selection of establishments, I had to ensure that whichever option(s) they choose, they will have a memorable and meaningful experience. You will learn about some context: history, ingredients, methods, etc. Knowing some background enhances your dining experience, allowing you to discern certain details that you might miss otherwise. Many of the featured establishments have been around for generations, some for hundreds of years. Kyoto is a modern city, it is also an ancient city where much of Japanese culture sprouted and developed, including many aspects of the Japanese kitchen. Visiting these establishments, experiencing their hospitality, and sampling their wares will literally take you on a tour through a significant part of Japanese culinary history, often in the original setting. It’s a unique opportunity for anyone with an interest in Kyoto and Japanese culture more generally. If you are a foodie, this curated gourmet Guide is a great shortcut, a valuable timesaver to access the gems, particularly for a city like Kyoto with its tremendous depth and breadth. You will find practical information including address on Google Maps, hours, and price range, as well as other practical tips.
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