Autumn Reads: A Collection of Six Unforgettable Short Stories
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Book overview Autumn Reads is a collection of six short stories, from April E Swan, author of ‘Motive: A Crime Novella.’ This unique anthology includes; ‘Author No.3’ A thought-provoking science fiction story. ‘The Overnight Success’ A chilling horror story. ‘Charlie Sprattel’ A heart-warming love story. ‘The Wishing Tree’ A mind-bending fantasy story. ‘The Anger Issue’ An edge-of-your-seat thriller story. ‘Just Love Me’ A Young Adult/LGBTQ unrequited love story. Author No.3. What would you be willing to do, to stay alive? A scientist with a hidden past is coerced into using his groundbreaking research for one man’s maniacally dangerous plan… The Overnight Success. Some monsters are real… John has been labelled an overnight success after one of his novels was adapted into a box-office movie. But lately, John has been struggling with writer’s block and is finding it difficult to write something that will satisfy his fans. He’s been dealing with unsettling messages from an obsessed fan, and his ungrateful wife is constantly trying to find ways to spend his money. But John’s life is about to get much, much harder when a menacing stranger starts banging on the door late at night… Charlie Sprattel. It only takes a second to save a life… Charlie Sprattel, a homeless army veteran struggles to overcome his crippling addictions. Can he find his way back into society? Can a chance meeting change the direction of his life? The Wishing Tree. Be careful what you wish for… Ruby, struggling with the weight of her recent bereavement, ventures into the woods one evening with the intention of ending her life. However, her plan takes an unexpected turn, when she stumbles upon a hidden door… The Anger Issue. Millions of happy customers, all-natural ingredients – take ‘Happy you’ now and start living your life to the fullest! Dane Ellis, a radio host, starts a typical evening show called "The Anger Issue," where listeners call in to vent their frustrations. However, when a caller named Elliott shares his experience of a mysterious herbal medication called "Happy You," things take a dark turn... Just Love Me. Unrequited love soon turns into a compelling obsession for Zoe… Zoe is obsessed with her best friend Tilly, like creepy, stalker obsessed. She has secretly been in love with her since the first day they met. As Tilly prepares to marry Zoe's brother Ben, Zoe is consumed by her unrequited love. She pours her feelings into a heartfelt letter for Tilly to read, but she isn’t prepared for what happens next…
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