Genres : Science Fiction


Tabitha Prime by Saddletramp 1956

Date: 07/04/2024
The year is 2109. Tabitha, a devious vengeful clone of Bill Jones’ long-dead ex-wife, has developed a powerful weapon that can destroy stars, along with their planetary systems. With it, she secured her position as...
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Whisper War by Simon Lee

Date: 07/04/2024
The world has fought many wars. So will Eddie Bleakledge. Eddie Bleakledge is a young man drawn towards conflict to escape his own life. After surviving a deadly attack and making a daring escape, he...
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Date: 06/27/2024
When Teagan Ward claims seven babies, conceived artificially after she donated her eggs to a medical experiment aboard a rotating space habitat, are her children, she triggers a fight that consumes her life in a...
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End Game by William Bahl

Date: 06/22/2024
In a race against time, survivors of a terrible global disaster must struggle against treacherous creatures and each other before it is too late.Luke, a survivor from the wastelands outside Hampton Flats, finds a treatment...
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Date: 06/10/2024
Jonathan West gave a very moving and beautiful eulogy for his dear friend Kathryn Kramer at the Manfred Methodist Church in Newton. The twenty-one-year-old college student felt a very special bond with the 105-year-old great...
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Date: 06/08/2024
This is a sci-fi adventure where the main characters must trek across the USA to get to Georgia, hoping to fix the world. What complicates matters is that ants have grown giants, and humanity is...
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Pink Eye by Tom Norton

Date: 06/05/2024
"LMAO..." "...BRILLIANT..." "...IF YOU HAVEN'T LAUGHED BY THE END OF CHAPTER ONE, CHECK YOUR PULSE. YOU MIGHT BE DEAD!" Pink Eye is a sci-fi comedy romance about first contact and an impending alien invasion. If...
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Date: 06/01/2024
This Heaven’s a lie. Ayanna died and went to Heaven – or so she’s been told. She was working on advanced nanotechnology at her university job when a blast outside of her office building transports...
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Date: 05/31/2024
Before End Game, people live their everyday lives, doing simple things and being human.Cowboy isn't like most people. As an elite hitman, his days are anything but routine. His work takes him all around the...
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The Guardians of Kawts by Weston Fields

Date: 04/09/2024
All is not as it seems in the city of Kawts. Fear looms over the mountainside town where Timothy Hawthorne lives, its people living each day in dread of the dangerous anarchists hiding somewhere in...
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