Baby With Doctor Grumpy
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Baby With Doctor Grumpy by Meghan Blake

A scorching night changed my life forever, leaving me pregnant by the grumpy doctor... I was just 18, a soon-to-be college freshman with a challenging background – a father I lost and a mother battling cancer. At my best friend’s mother's party, I crossed paths with Kane, a 36-year-old billionaire doctor, and a hot single dad of two; oops maybe three. Our chemistry was electric, a spark that led to a passionate night together. But the complication? Kane was twice my age, a fact I hid by lying about my age. He’s also my bestie’s father. Kane's heartbreak from a cheating fiancée drove him into my arms that one fateful night. The morning after, reality crashed down as he discovered my true age and my connection to his daughter. He pushed me away, leaving me pregnant and struggling to navigate life as a single mom after my mother's passing. Six years later, fate threw us back together. Kane's daughter needed a nanny, and unexpectedly, I fit the role. Our old sparks reignited, but our history was a wall between us. As we battled our past and burgeoning feelings, my secret loomed large – the son Kane didn't know existed.
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