Genres : Women's Fiction

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Date: 12/05/2022
Holly longs for a child, but life has other plans. Will a Christmas angel teach her the true meaning of family?There’s nothing festive about Holly’s first holiday season without her mother. All she desires is...
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Date: 11/30/2022
Femme Fatale is admired and despised simultaneously, and so are average middle-class dads.An Escapade like no other begins in London.Finally, Johnny had peace and stability in his life; wife, kids, and even God on his...
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Tea Stains & Cigarettes by Brooke Gardner

Date: 11/18/2022
Tea Stains & Cigarettes is a collection of poems that illustrate a sense of reality through the lens of mental illness, heartbreak, past traumas, love, and loss. Brooke L. Gardner paves the path down memory lane...
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Eclipsing the Tide by Caroline Jaquish

Date: 10/31/2022
Eclipse wasn’t born a boy. It was her first and greatest sin, according to Victor Monohue, the supreme leader over all Chrosia and her father. She wasn’t innately attractive like her nemesis, Amy, and she...
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Date: 10/31/2022
What happens when a hometown Nantucket girl unexpectedly runs into the prankster that embarrassed her as a teen?Ellie Jones holds two jobs but dreams of just one - owning her own bakery. Her baking job...
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Sisterhood by Carol Ann Moore

Date: 10/29/2022
Seven women. One will make amends. Six will seek revenge.Aella had found them all again. The question was could she help them and in return, would they rise to the ultimate challenge?Misogyny comes in many...
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Momma DID Raise A Fool by Bridgett Renay

Date: 10/25/2022
Diane Freeman has a long history of deceit and usually at the expense of her estranged daughters. When she announced to the world, she only had six months to live, both daughters had to contemplate...
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Date: 10/08/2022
Australian Medical and Psychological RomanceSandra is hiding from Gideon, the husband she escaped from who still wants to kill her … Crazy Deon’s Tarot reading predicts weddings for the soccer team. Impossible. Commitment-phobe Jason gives...
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Once in a Blue June by Amanda Harris

Date: 10/07/2022
Cass never expected to find herself homeless the same night she left the hospital with her newborn.Sean never expected to share his home with a stranger and her baby.Cass found a family she would do...
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Date: 10/05/2022
In the midst of rumors, secrets, lies, and rocky friendships, summer heats up when the residents of Last Call, Virginia flirt with infatuation, desire, and—dare they dream—love. This contemporary romance boxed set includes 4 full...