Better Than Revenge

Better Than Revenge by Anne Lehman

Investigating has never been so complicated. Revengeful suspects. A complicated marriage. One deadly diamond heist. When the police charity ball unexpectedly ends with the discovery of a grisly murder and heist of the Heart of Eternity diamond, Special Agent Nashville Storm sees it as a chance to finally resolve both personal and professional issues that have overshadowed his life for years. As the FBI and the Smithsonian Inspector General's office analyze the case, suspects new and old try to confuse the investigation. What starts out as an open and shut case with an obvious suspect soon becomes a complicated mess of ancient histories, harmful accusations, and long forgotten missing gems. With his job on the line, Nash is forced to play along with his diamond stealing wife, Blue, in hopes of catching the real killer. Cooperating parties no longer trust each other, loyalties are tested, and secrets from both sides are revealed one by one. Jobs and lives are in a precarious and dangerous situation. Will Nash solve the case before it's too late?
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