Genres : Crime Fiction

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The Greed Game by Supachai Mohamed Abusali

Date: 09/26/2023
Dhanu Pandi is the money launderer for a Chennai-based gold smuggling ring run by the notorious and influential Chandresh Prabu. Couriers fly the gold to India from the gold city itself - Dubai. Once sold,...
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Third Wheel by Richard Becker

Date: 09/22/2023
Las Vegas, 1982. Brady Wilks, a teenage transplant from the Midwest, navigates life in the dusty suburban outskirts of an aberrant 24-hour town built by the Mob. Outcast as a newcomer, Brady forges a brotherly...
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Dark Secret Crimes by Maria Rodriguez Rivera

Date: 09/20/2023
In an attempt to protect his family from his father's anger, Semjah's life takes a chilling twist. Semjah struggles with his desire to be a good son and make his father proud. He has a...
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I AM HERE: Whispers of her Shadow by Deepika Surendrababu

Date: 08/31/2023
The story takes place in a school setting, where Sasha's parents attend a meeting that leads to a tragic incident. Sasha's anxiety and mental state add to the tension of the story, which culminates in...
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You’ve Got a Mail by Ganga Bharani Vasudevan

Date: 08/31/2023
One night, Raj receives an email from Priya with a video attachment. As he plays the video, Priya reveals that it will be 5 days since she died when he watches it. Two more emails...
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Who Killed Frankie Flake? by Allan Gange

Date: 08/29/2023
The Monday before the Easter weekend, an ice cream man is found face down in his van. The committee of the small, English seaside village look to restaurateur Tony Martini to find out Who Killed...
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Activated: Out Of The Night by N. Gregory Harden

Date: 08/02/2023
"Spencer Smith (a.k.a. “Bishop”) is the most accomplished operative for a covert operations organization known as ""The Agency"". Months after calling it quits, Bishop is abruptly activated for a mission that demands his particular skill...
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SEMPER by Andrew Angelos

Date: 07/22/2023
Ever since he witnessed his mother’s death at the age of twelve, Xan has walked a path of violence, from his coming-of-age on the turbulent streets of New York to his tours in the military...
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Date: 07/21/2023
A missing child and a body found in a box - are they linked? 1890 sees a new year begin for Mallory Wynter, a young widow, but it’s not the start she planned. Faced with...
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Omega Cartel by Brandon Springer

Date: 07/15/2023
In the drug war, the only way to win is to die quickly. Mexico’s newest drug cartel is called Los Comandantes. Their brutal marketing gimmick and viral recruitment strategy have helped them become the dominant...
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