Beyond the Interregnum

Beyond the Interregnum by Nazia Kamali

Aayat Athar finds herself in an alternate dimension. She is saved by cousins Feedaa and Sae Sae, who inform her that she has landed in Faejenda, a city occupied by Djinns. They offer to help her find a way back. Sae Sae’s father was a researcher who has crossed the interregnum (the pathway joining the two worlds) and is now stranded in the human world. By helping Aayat, Sae Sae wants to reunite with his father. A few Djinns in Faejenda, looking to open a permanent portal to the human world, are declared unruly by the government, and live in a cohort outside the gates of the city. Feedaa’s mother, Errumm, is the district head, and along with her team, she is planning an attack on the human-lover side. She is aided by Tenzen, a new transferred officer to the department, and his secret partner. Aayat, Sae Sae, and Feedaa begin exploring the disappearances of others to understand the ways the crossover works. Meanwhile, Sae Sae secretly meets the human lovers, who ask him to bring them details of the siege planned by Errumm and her team in return for the information about the interregnum.
Genre: Fantasy
Book Length: