Bleeding Hope: My migration story
People journey to Europe through the Libyan route. Most of them pay the price with their lives while just a few survive the harrowing experiences of the journey. The book 'Bleeding Hope' is based on a true life story. It's the story of a young West African man who was offered hope under the guise of travelling to Europe. He soon discovered that the supposed hope was a nightmare. He discovered that the journey wasn't the type he hoped for but there was no going back. So he went through the desert and the sea to pursue the life he wanted. As you journey with David through this book, you will unravel the secret of the unknown. You will feel: * The scorching sun and the horrors of the desert * The dangers and unpredictable nature of the seas * And the travails and pathetic experiences of the characters Weep if you must, scream if you can, and laugh if need be, but one thing you mustn't do, "Don't Blink".
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