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Sea Change by Nate Littlefield

Date: 05/27/2023
September 1926: A rumrunner boat sinks in a hurricane off the coast of Florida. Only one man survives.Present Day: Four friends, diving in the beautiful waters of the Gulf of Mexico, make a most startling...
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Oceanberry Blues by Joann Keder

Date: 05/25/2023
With hope dwindling for his recovery, Leo and his wife, retiree Gemini Reed, finds a drug trial at Charming General Hospital that may extend his life.When they arrive in the seaside hamlet of Charming, Oregon,...
Date: 05/25/2023
People journey to Europe through the Libyan route. Most of them pay the price with their lives while just a few survive the harrowing experiences of the journey. The book 'Bleeding Hope' is based on...
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Unfair Discrimination by Mar Shaiken

Date: 05/17/2023
The leader of a White Nationalist organization on the government’s domestic terrorist list hires 3J, a black attorney, to recover what he’s owed. When he realizes he won’t get paid everything back, he blames 3J,...
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Date: 04/21/2023
The Midnight Caller is a thrilling novel that follows the story of James, a young man who becomes the victim of a mysterious and terrifying stalker. As the phone calls and strange occurrences become more...
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Date: 03/29/2023
Connor Beauregard is always looking for ways to make money. Despite his many failed business ventures, he is determined to succeed when a unique opportunity to become a legal drug dealer comes his way. With...
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Date: 03/26/2023
21 year old Christian Reingold believed he had a normal everyday life with normal everyday problems. One night, in a small boat out on the water with his father on the North Cape of New...
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Murder at the Brothel by Madison Vale

Date: 03/19/2023
Will just one visit to the brothel cost you your life?Straight talking madam of the establishment, Esme Valentine, is out for retribution. There's been a murder on her premises, and she's taking it personally. But...
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Date: 03/11/2023
New Orleans gangsters, Voodoo and psychic dreams pull rookie agent Doris Watson and her handler, Della Jamay Charboneau, into a spiraling web of chaos as they search for Della's missing niece. Non-stop action and suspense...
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Date: 03/11/2023
Set against the fascinating background of modern-day Tel Aviv with its melting pot of diverse cultures and extremes, Farewell My Babylon is an engrossing, fast-paced PI thriller filled with unique, captivating characters and a mystery that will...
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