Braxton’s Turn: Watch Out Washington
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In the spring of 2012, an unlikely transformational figure inadvertently breaches the perimeter of U.S politics. Unencumbered by political ambition and devoid of greed or lust for power, Jonathon Braxton reluctantly enters the arena. Fueled solely by a desire to advocate for more medical research funding to find a cure for Type 1 diabetes afflicting his son, Braxton agrees to speak at the 2012 Republican National Convention courtesy of two influential power brokers who see 'JB' as the future of the party. Lance Reibus, the Republican National Committee chairman, is pressured by two important power brokers, Carlton and Cornelius Hale, into giving Braxton a prime time speaking slot. Their intent is to showcase Braxton to the party and to the country. Braxton is aware of the Hale's motives but doesn't care as he sees the opportunity of speaking at the convention to advocate for his cause as one that cannot be passed up despite his disdain for politics. Braxton's passionate speech advocating for increased funding for stem cell research catapults him into the political limelight. From there a most unexpected political career is launched and Braxton's ensuing four year journey takes him to the U.S. Congress. And from there, surprisingly and unintentionally, to the height of U.S. political power. Along the way he amusingly remodels Washington DC political norms and cable TV opinion shows as he becomes a regular on Wallis Kriss' Big News Sunday show. Braxton's monthly Sunday morning appearances with Kriss become must watch TV for much of the country and serve to reshape the U.S. political landscape. As the 2016 presidential election comes into view, Braxton finds himself in the orbit of the Democrat front-runner, and current Secretary of State, Heather Carrington. The Democrat Carrington is intrigued by the Republican Braxton and they form a bond as Carrington faces uncertainties about her desire to be president and Braxton strives to navigate the halls of Congress in pursuit of his agenda. On the cusp of the election a series of events bring Braxton and Carrington closer together and lead to a surprising conclusion as Braxton brings both the Democrat and Republican parties are brought to the brink of extinction.
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