Canyon Of Intellectual Being: Powerful Ways To Sharpen Your Brain
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You can increase several parts of your brain function, including memory, by practicing, which will enable you to operate more effectively at work, in relationships, and in everyday activities.

The neural pathways in your brain are always growing, whether you're young or old. With the appropriate attitude and exercises, you may increase the propagation of neurons across the various areas of your brain at any age. And this is the book's main purpose! Within the first week of training, I'll lead you through a challenging set of exercises that will start to improve your mental agility and working memory. Along with helping you with your short- and long-term memory, this book will also help you become more adept at establishing associations, which will greatly increase the amount of your brain's capacity that you can access at any one time.

Can you envision how much better your life would be if you trained your mind to function like the meanest, leanest machine it is capable of?

Anybody can benefit from having an excellent memory. Your capacity to succeed in today's fast-paced, information-dependent society is determined by your recollection of people's faces, names, facts, information, dates, events, situations, and other things about your daily life. Find out how you can improve your brain in this powerful book.

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