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The Guardians of Kawts by Weston Fields

Date: 04/09/2024
All is not as it seems in the city of Kawts. Fear looms over the mountainside town where Timothy Hawthorne lives, its people living each day in dread of the dangerous anarchists hiding somewhere in...
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Date: 04/01/2024
Master Data-Driven Storytelling and Transform Your Skills in Just 30 Days, even if Numbers Baffle You - No Technical Hurdles, No Frustration! Are you tired of unengaging data presentations that don’t convey the rich stories...
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Date: 03/28/2024
Micheal HaDera’s The Hollywood Assistant: Life Below The Line is a shocking insider’s tale about the inner workings of one man’s life inside a major Hollywood production. He details the everyday trials and tribulations of...
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Wings of Redemption by Gemma A Summers

Date: 03/25/2024
"Once I thought he was my new world, my refuge, my life, when he held me into his arms, gently lifted my chin and asked, ‘’Who did this to you? Who gave you all these...
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Miraden’s Folly by J.V. Fahl

Date: 03/24/2024
A young ranger. Miraden has always been in love with Ceychell, but her sister Kyradel is vying for his attention. When Kyradel is suddenly abducted, Miraden is given a chance to prove himself and win...

The Magic Parachute by Andy Slade

Date: 03/19/2024
A remote island, a father lost at sea, an evil widow, punk pirates and an injured albatross! Robbie MacKenzie is taken on the adventure of a lifetime by the only thing found after his father...
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My Canvas Bag by J. Michael Krivyanski

Date: 03/18/2024
Mark is a young man born into a bad situation. His parents drink too much, and his family often forgets him. He works hard to hide the harsh reality of his home life from those...
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Date: 03/05/2024
AWARD WINNING DEBUT NOVEL This "Outlaw Josey Wales" meets "The Last Samurai" meets "John Wick" tale and action-packed western immerses readers in a boldly original setting as three orphans of the Civil War are trained...
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Black Hand Part I by Yaoi Falcon

Date: 02/20/2024
In a world of corruption and deceit, one half-blind nerd has a daring plan to take down the global elite. Meet Boris, who is unfortunate enough to be thrown in the center of the Balkans....
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Son of Influence by Erik Lewin

Date: 02/14/2024
"A profound, heartfelt story-even when hilarity ensues." -- KIRKUS REVIEWS Can a soft boiled egg like Delton Lowe resist a brass knuckle father who wants him to join the mob-related family business? A witty coming...
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