Codependency is Not Your Friend
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Break free from codependency once and for all, and start living your life again.


A book about codependency that gets straight to the point and solves the problem.


What you will have gained after reading this book:


·         You’ll know exactly what codependency is and be able to identify it in different situations.

·         You’ll have tested yourself to find out whether you are codependent or not.

·         You’ll know actual real world steps that you can take to recover from codependency.

·         You’ll know how to get back to being you, after you have recovered from codependency.

·         You’ll know how to stay recovered once you have overcome codependency.

·         You’ll have created your own codependency recovery notebook which you can use as a reference and aid that will remind you of the things which you have learned.


You’ll also gain the following, which will help you to achieve results at a faster rate than normal:


·         You’ll know how to discover the real truth, deep down, behind your current situation that is possibly causing codependency issues.

·         You’ll be able to get angry. You have every right to. This sucks. You can then use this anger as the fuel you need in order to make a real change.

·         You’ll be able to identify whether you are experiencing partial codependency, which is often a lot trickier than full blown codependency.

·         If codependency is affecting other areas of your life, you’ll be able to pick up on it and solve problems that you hadn’t initially thought of as being caused by codependency.

·         You’ll be able to stop acting codependently when meeting someone for the first time.

·         You’ll know how to act a lot bolder in order to make the recovery from codependency a lot easier.

·         You’ll know which of the “good” aspects of codependency are worth keeping.

·         You’ll be ready to implement what you have learned the next time you find yourself starting a new relationship.

·         You’ll be ready to make the lifelong dedication required to stay recovered from codependency.

·         If you do relapse, you’ll be able to skip all the drama and surprise and just move on to getting back to recovering again.


This book provides a well thought out blueprint for recovery that considers a number of different layers of complexity.


Whether you buy this book or not, I wish you every bit of success as you embark on your recovery journey.


Good luck! You got this!


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