Dark & Eerie
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Dark & Eerie by Mansi Summer

Levi Forger received an urgent call from his girlfriend, who had been away for the past few days visiting her father. From her trembling voice, Levi sensed how she was feared by something. She demanded his help, but the cause of her fear remained a mystery. Unaware of the eerie tales surrounding the mysterious island, Detective Levi Forger took a risk with his life, braving heavy rain and a thunderstorm. However, what he saw on that island sent chills of terror down his spine. In the ghostly half-light atop a sand dune stood the silhouette of something large... "Dark and Eerie'' Within the pages of this story, you will embark on the realms of mystery, suspense, sci-fi horror, and espionage. Prepare to have your senses captivated, your pulse quickened, and your imagination ignited as you delve into the depths of the unknown.'' --------------------------*----------------------------------*------------------------------ Why should you read this single? A fast-paced story to keep you engaged and entertained. Well-defined focus and concise storytelling that maintains your interest from beginning to end. For those who find it challenging to commit to lengthy novels, this short story can serve as a stepping stone to developing a consistent reading habit. A well-narrated manuscript that provides a complete and fulfilling reading experience
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