Dark Secret Crimes

Dark Secret Crimes by Maria Rodriguez Rivera

In an attempt to protect his family from his father's anger, Semjah's life takes a chilling twist. Semjah struggles with his desire to be a good son and make his father proud. He has a job, tries hard in school, is good at sports, and helps at home. But he knows that one day he must protect his mother and siblings from his father. When that day arrived, his actions forced him to go on the run. He forms new bonds hoping to return home and build a better life. But some people are not willing to forgive and forget, and tragedy strikes each time. Consumed by rage and grief, Semjah descends into a spiral of addiction and vengeance. Semjah faces a heart-wrenching decision, Can he stop himself now and choose right over wrong? Prepare to be gripped by Semjah's psychological journey as he grapples with loyalty, love, and the haunting consequences of his choices.
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