Dauntless Protector: Book 1 in the Fierce Protectors Series

Former Navy SEAL, Beau “Shark” Atwood, is the epitome of the three Bs: bossy, brawny, and broody.

For years he’s been focused on his military career and then building his security business. The rest of the time he spent taking care of his younger sister, Blaire, and her daughter, Carrie. But his girls are good now. Blaire is married to the love of her life, and little Carrie is the apple of her daddy’s eye.

Despite that, Beau has never even considered having a real relationship with a woman. He doesn’t have the time nor the desire to get involved with all… that. Not that he suffers from lack of female companionship in the least. He just prefers it quick, dirty, and uncomplicated.

That all changes when he meets his sister’s new nanny, Charli. She’s everything he shouldn’t want but can’t seem to stay away from.



With the prettiest blue eyes he’s ever seen and a soft little voice that’s as sweet as a Georgia peach.

Yeah. Totally not right for him, but he wants her anyway. And what Beau Atwood wants… Beau Atwood gets.

But underneath Charli’s sunshiny exterior, things aren’t exactly what they seem. She has secrets, and when they surface, the only thing protective, grumpy Beau wants to do is help his sweet little Peach fight them.

Now he just has to convince her to let him.

This is a grumpy/sunshine romance that is intended for ages 18+. If you don't like steamy love scenes, humor, and a growly alpha male, then this book is probably not for you.

⚠TW: Some discussion of infertility issues.

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