Devil In Exile: A Scifi Alien Warrior Romance Novel (Warriors of Elysius Book 1)
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An Elysium Warrior's pull is legendary, used to entice willing females into their arms. Too bad Kyllell's pull doesn't work on his bond mate.

When oceanographer, Ada Charles, is sent to study strange seismic activity off the coast of Northern California, she expects the expedition to be routine. Getting transported to an entirely different planet is not a scenario she thought even remotely possible. Neither is being attacked by lethal aliens and separated from her crew.

When a terrifying alien abducts her and claims her as his mate, Ada's not about to submit. No way is she going to become an alien warrior wife to someone capable of breaking her heart just as thoroughly as her ex-boyfriend did. She has to save her crew and return to Earth before the warring Chassaks capture and sell her to the highest bidder.

Unfortunately, she has absolutely no idea how to do that. Now she must convince Kyllell to join her rescue mission while resisting that devil of an alien’s pull, but he’s not interested in helping her find her crew or her way home.

A sensual experience might be the only bargaining chip she has.

Kyllell has been living in exile - without female companionship - for four long years. When he saves Ada from a Chassak attack, he knows she is his true bond mate, and he is ready for Ada to willingly welcome him into her loving arms. But his mate is not so willing or so loving. Defiant and willful, Ada challenges him in every way imaginable ... and he craves her all the more for it.

When an enemy from Kyllell's past threatens their tenuous relationship, he must find a way to protect himself and Ada from the corruption of the Elysium Council or risk being thrust into exile again and losing Ada forever.

Can he save those he loves, or is history doomed to repeat itself?

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