Doctor’s Surprise Bride
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Daisy I’m honestly okay with living a quiet life working at my hometown’s library, but I’m a bit lonely, if I’m being honest. It’s hard putting myself out there, especially because I want a real connection. I didn’t expect anything to come of signing up for a mail-order bride website, so when I get a message from the town hospital’s star thoracic surgeon, it’s hard to believe I’m not being catfished. My best friend pushes me to go meet him at his place anyway. When he doesn’t even recognize me, I know there’s been a mistake. Could this get any more embarrassing? Aston My job is my life. Caring for my patients and giving them high-quality care is the most important thing for me. When I arrive home one night to find an unfamiliar young woman waiting for me, I know my cousin’s gotten up to his matchmaking tricks again. He thinks I need to loosen up and work on my social life, but he’s dragging this poor young woman into my business without any regard for her feelings or mine. Still, I find myself drawn to her in unexpected ways. Am I actually beginning to feel something for this pretty wallflower?
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