Dragon Flag Guide
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Dragon Flag Guide by Brawny King


The dragon flag is one of the best calisthenics abs exercises out there and for a reason. The benefits offered by it are simply irreplicable by any other movement. The best part is that is a bodyweight exercise, and that means you can do it at your home. But, it is also quite challenging to master.

With this dragon flag guide, I aim to bring the exercise within everyone’s grasp.

It contains detailed exercise progressions from beginner to advanced that will allow you to level up to the dragon flag.

Plus, the images in this eBook are hyperlinked to tutorial videos so that you get a clear idea of how the movement is supposed to be performed.

You will also get programming knowledge to ensure that you reap maximum gains from the movement.

About The Author?

I, Brawny King, have been providing legit and valuable training information for free on my social media accounts like YouTube and Instagram.

The dragon flag is one of my strongest movements and with this eBook I will teach you just how I mastered this abs exercise.

It took me years to master this movement but I aim to help you master it within months by sharing with you my expertise and knowledge.

So, what are you waiting for. Get started on your journey to master this ultimate abs exercise.

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