Electus by K M Sharrow

“For the most part, having Regnumian blood in her was a hardship for Tia. However, when it came to utilizing her magical powers, she knew every minute of discomfort was worth the rush of liberating her natural abilities. The moment her neck was scanned, it unleashed an energy that tingled every one of her senses. Each prick of excitement was tagged with the reminder that she was alive, able to control all of the elements surrounding her. It was the only morsel of freedom that she ever had the opportunity to taste.” Over one hundred years following a human invasion of the planet Regnum, Conscientia Trumble, or Tia as she prefers to be called, faces her turn in the annual Electus. The top 100 scoring Regnumians of the age of eighteen are required to participate in the week-long event that determines which human potentate they will serve for the remainder of their lives. All candidates will be tested on three levels. Brawn, Artistry, and Brains.In one week’s time, candidates will perform, friendships will be tested, lives will be lost, and romance will spark in unexpected places.
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