Emotional Self-Care for Black Women
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GIRL, LISTEN UP! Are you tired of pouring from an empty cup? Feeling all the weight of the world on your shoulders, but nobody sees your crown slipping? FROM SURVIVING TO THRIVING: A BLACK QUEEN’S GUIDE TO SOUL HEALING “Emotional Self-Care for Black Women” isn’t just another self-help book—it’s your personal guide to soul healing. Written by the incredible Quashara Randolph, this gem is all about raising your self-esteem, embracing self-love, and unleashing your inner queen. Now, let’s get real. Remember when being called a “strong Black woman” was a badge of honor? Well, honey, those days are so last season! 🙅‍♀️ It’s time to break free from that stereotype and prioritize your emotional well-being. Because guess what? Ignoring your feelings is like leaving your favorite pair of heels in the closet—it’s a crime against fabulousness!  So, what’s inside this magic book? Buckle up, sis! You’ll discover: • Self-Love Spells: Yep, we’re talking about spells that make you feel like the goddess you truly are. 💫 • Compassion Hacks: Learn how to treat yourself with the kindness you give to everyone else. 🤗 • Self-Esteem Boosters: Say goodbye to self-doubt and hello to strutting like the royalty you were born to be. 👑 • Crown Maintenance: Because queens need regular TLC, too! 👸 And let me tell you, this ain’t your grandma’s self-help manual. It’s a 204-page powerhouse that’ll have you feeling unstoppable, happier, and healthier.  "EMOTIONAL SELF CARE FOR BLACK WOMEN" is more than a book, it's a sisterhood circle, a cheerleader in your corner, and a gentle hand guiding you back to your throne. You deserve to feel good, sis. It's time to reclaim your power, heal your soul, and shine like the magnificent Queen you are! So, my fellow Black queens, grab your copy, flip those pages, and let your soul soak up the wisdom. Because you deserve to reign supreme—unapologetically. Get ready to heal, sis. Your throne awaits!
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