Finding Danyaal
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Finding Danyaal by Zia Ahmad

Rami is coming into adulthood. Life is hell for boys like him in the unforgiving streets of Lahore, Pakistan—but especially bad for Rami—a teenager grappling with inner turmoil; he has fallen in love. When Danyaal, a boy rooted in honesty and integrity, comes into Rami’s life, their unparalleled bond strengthens. Obsessed with relentless intimacy toward each other, despite the growing concern of heads turning, eyes narrowing—through thick and thin—Rami and Danyaal forge ahead with the romance developing between them until one fateful day. A kiss between Rami and Danyaal, witnessed by a band of aggressors, sends the two boys racing away from their tormentors through the woods. Even greater pain awaits when their attempt to escape fails, and Rami watches in horror Danyaal being dragged away by his captors. What happens to them next demonstrates the many ways people love, betray, wound, and sacrifice for one another. This heartbreaking story of a romance between two teenagers follows them through their adult years, exploring the moral intricacies of life along the way. It captures the subtle nuances of the human experiences with family, friendship, and love—and the complex life choices we make that shape us into the people we become.
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